Our Products

The products provided by Lincare Long Term Care include both state-of-the-art and tried and true technologies to ensure that all your resident’s needs can be addressed. Also, our company prides ourselves on adapting to the changing healthcare environment to provide the very best equipment and supply options for our customers.

Look for the following product list to grow and change with the introduction of new technology and evolving scientific evidence on best practices in long term care.

E Tank

Oxygen and Oxygen-Related Products
Lincare LTC carries a full range of oxygen and oxygen supplies needed to meet the needs of all residents within your facility.
  • Compressed oxygen: cylinders (Oxytote and straight-post), H-tanks, T-tanks, and other large cylinder tanks
  • Liquid oxygen and liquid oxygen vessels: portables (including high-flow), stationary tanks, bulk tanks
  • Concentrators (including high-flow)
  • Cannulas, tubing, and humidifcation solutions
  • Regulators and flow meters
  • Pulse oximeters (including finger or ear probes)
Pressure Support Devices
Pressure support devices are prescribed for
the treatment of sleep and breathing
disorders. Lincare LTC offers a variety of
models along with nasal masks, tubing,
and other accessories.
  • CPAPs and BiPAPs
  • Tubing and masks
  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilators
  • Ventilator circuits and manual resuscitators
Respiratory Equipment and Supplies
Lincare LTC offers the newest technology in
respiratory health products to ensure the
highest-quality care can be provided to your
residents. Our company offers a wide
variety of related supplies to use with these
respiratory equipment items. We take pride
in providing for all acuity levels; therefore,
we also offer a comprehensive
tracheostomy product mix.
  • Nebulizers
  • PSI compressors
  • Suction machines
  • Heated humidifiers (including high-flow)
  • Mechanical insufflators
  • Percussors
  • Trach tubes and inner cannulas
  • Speaking valves and spirometers
Other Specialty Items

Lincare LTC also stocks some other specialty health items you may need to enhance your
resident's quality of life and improve their
health status.

  • Negative pressure wound therapy pumps and supplies
  • Coumadin (INR) testing
  • Wheelchairs, scooters, lifts, and accessories
  • Diabetic testing supplies.
Medicare Part B Billed Products
Lincare LTC can provide a variety of
products to your residents on an
individual basis and bill their Medicare
part B or other insurance for these items.
  • Enteral formulas and supplies
  • Ostomy supplies
  • Wound dressings
  • Urology supplies
  • Trach supplies

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We are proud to be the exclusive provider of respiratory products and services for the HPSI GPO.